Mayon Volcano 4 stars!


  • Mayon Volcano has had 49, recorded eruptions, and continues to be active. Through the years, life and property has been claimed by this wonder of nature. Its first recorded eruption was in year 1616. Even without volcanic activity, the volcano continues to be dangerous for climbers, including the more experienced ones. Its steep slope make it difficult for climbing, thus it has claimed the lives of climbers in the recent years. Rock avalanches and landslides are common. If you want to climb the volcano, you’ll have to work your way through the forest, grasslands, and deserts. The safest way is to pass on the north western slope, but you will have to register at PHILVOCS to climb. Once you reach the summit, be wary of the dangerous fumes emitted by the Volcano. A gas mask in hand will be really useful.

    Apart from climbing, you can go nature hiking and marvel at the many wonderful animals such as the parakeet, red jungle fowl, owl, fruit dove just to name a few. You can also do many activities such as hiking, camping, climbing, bird watching as well as photography.

    The best time to visit the volcano is between the months of March and May. Do not visit the volcano during rainy season (Nov to Jan) because it is more dangerous. You can go there by land through the Quirino highway, which is about 553 kilometers away. The journey will take about 8 to 10 hours, and many buses depart every day from Manila to Legaspi.

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